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Handiwash (tm)12 Volt Mobile Handwash Sink

handiwash mobile sink
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Handiwash (tm)12 Volt Mobile Automotive and Vehicle Handwash System (Mounting Bracket Included) with Hot and Cold Water Spigots

New in the safety equipment marketplace, there is now a portable handwash station for the automobile, truck or van. This innovative unit now offers an affordable, mobile handwashing solution with state of the art electronics. The water element in the included heater thermostatically controls water temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent scalding. Molded from super tough, UV resistant polymers suitable for internal and external applications, and including dual water hot and cold spigots, this handwash station acts and feels similar to the handwashing sink you normally use for hand washing. With easy installation and instructions included, the Handiwash (tm) system can be easily mounted to any vertical surface that provides enough clearance (see below specifications) and is normally wired to a 12 volt source.  Automobile wiring instructions are included in the Handiwash Specs and Tech Brochure .pdf document below. 

Please ensure a qualified automotive technician handles the wiring for unit if integrated into the vehicle's wiring.

NOTE:  At this time, we are only selling units with a purchase quantity of 6 or more units .  (TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED.  YOU CAN ORDER A SINGLE UNIT AT THIS TIME). We're sorry for the high purchase quantity, but demand is presently down for this unit and we need to offset production and import costs from Australia. 

Warranty Information for this item: The Handiwash unit carries a 12 month warranty from date of purchase covering defective parts and workmanship.

Government Purchasers, Schools, Universities, Non-Profit Agencies, Hospitals, City, County, State Agencies and Agricultural Industry are now open to better pricing. Call us toll free at 1-877-208-3109.

Great for agricultural, catering, farming, utility companies (water, sewage, treatment facilities) and even camping applications. Now, you can enjoy hot and cold water just about anywhere in a mobile configuration.

Mounting Bracket Included (Click on Link Below for Mounting and Technical Instructions)

*NOTE: If you are trying to use this in a food environment or outside the scope of it's intended use, please check first with your local health department or regulatory agency first to ensure this unit meets their health regulations and requirements.  

Technical Specification
Dimensions: Width:  11.82 in
Height: 20.47 in
Depth:    9.05 in, 15.94 in with basin down

Voltage: 12v System - 9.6 Amps at 12 Volt DC
24v System - 7 Amps at 24 Volt DC
Water Capacity: 2.2 US Gallons
Water Temperature: 120ºF Max
time to raise water temperature approx. 22 minutes
Weight: 12.12 lbs Empty
30.86 lbs Full
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