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Handiwash (tm)12 Volt Mobile Handwash Sink (110v Accessory available)

handiwash mobile sink

Handiwash (tm)12 Volt Mobile Automotive and Vehicle Handwash System (Mounting Bracket Included) with Hot and Cold Water Spigots

New in the safety equipment marketplace, there is now a portable handwash station for the automobile, truck or van. This innovative unit now offers an affordable, mobile handwashing solution with state of the art electronics. The water element in the included heater thermostatically controls water temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent scalding. Molded from super tough, UV resistant polymers suitable for internal and external applications, and including dual water hot and cold spigots, this handwash station acts and feels similar to the handwashing sink you normally use for hand washing. With easy installation and instructions included, the Handiwash (tm) system can be easily mounted to any vertical surface that provides enough clearance (see below specifications) and is normally wired to a 12 volt source. The Handiwash (tm) is also CSA* Certified. Now with the SEC 1223 DC Switching Power Supply Accessory and supplied custom power leads, you can hook up to a 110v power outlet.

Note:  We are now handling this product on quotation only for 6 or more units. The reason for this is due to decreased sales on this item.  This is an imported item from Australia.

Warranty Information for this item: The Handiwash unit carries a 12 month warranty from date of purchase covering defective parts and workmanship.

Schools, Universities, Non-Profit Agencies, Hospitals, City, County, State Agencies and Agricultural Industry are now open to better pricing. Use the Quote Function on Website or call us toll free at 1-877-208-3109.

*CSA Certification for the Handiwash (tm) does not pass along to the SEC 1223 unit when used with the Handiwash (tm) unit. The SEC 1223 unit is a separate accessory and is UL listed separately. Incorrect wiring and or non-standard use of either device results in voidance of warranty from either manufacturer and also may result in injury.

Great for agricultural, catering, farming, utility companies (water, sewage, treatment facilities) and even camping applications. Now, you can enjoy hot and cold water just about anywhere.

Mounting Bracket Included (Click on Link Below for Mounting and Technical Instructions)


*NOTE: If applicable, please check first with your local health department or regulatory agency first to ensure your chosen configuration meets their requirements.

Part Number Description Comments / Environment for Handiwash* Choose This Configuration With Included Accessories*
Handiwash 12 Volt Handiwash Basic System with no accessories, includes mounting brackets for vehicle/wall and flexible hose for diverting water to a nearby drain. No waste catch included. Used in a service truck or vehicle when needed to wire to the vehicle 12 volt Battery. A wiring diagram is provided with instructions to configure unit to only run while vehicle is running. See .PDF Instructions Above. *See NOTE Above. Handiwash Basic (No Accessories)
Handiwash-SEC 1223 Includes 12 Volt Handiwash Basic System Above plus a DC switching power supply. No waste catch included. Used when needed to run Handiwash from a 110 volt electrical outlet. Customer hooks up drain hose to their own waste storage. *See NOTE Above. HW&SEC1223 Power Supply with Leads
Handiwash-5GALWC Includes 12 Volt Handiwash Basic System Above plus a 5 Gal. HDPE vented Jug, 2 foot section of hose and drain cap. No mounting bracket for waste jug. Used in a food or waste environment where a larger capacity vented waste storage container is required and will be hooked directly to a 12 volt battery. *See NOTE Above. HW&5 Gal Waste Catch (No Bracket)
Handiwash-ALL Includes a 12 Volt Handwash Basic System, plus a SEC 1223 DC Switching Power Supply and waste catch unit described above. Used in a variety of settings to include food carts, daycare centers, medical offices, etc. where you have a 110 volt electrical outlet and the need for self-contained waste storage. *See NOTE Above. HW,SEC1223&Waste Catch

WILL YOU USING THE HANDIWASH UNIT WITHIN A FOOD OR CATERING ENVIRONMENT? Due to a requirement from most health organizations and FDA requirements for a waste storage container (not pictured) that exceeds the fresh water capacity (1.5 times the fresh water capacity), we've recently added a waste storage container (5 Gallon Jug, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with 18 mm vent. It includes a 2 foot length heavy duty vinyl hose and physical dimensions measure 11"L x 10"W x 14"H. No mounting bracket available for the 5 gallon waste tank model. Note: When attempting to meet compliance requirements, All Safety Products, Inc. highly recommends that you consult with your regulatory agency before purchasing the Handiwash unit and any accessories.

NEED TO HOOK UP TO 110V OUTLET? AN OPTIONAL DC POWER SWITCHING SUPPLY WITH CUSTOM POWER LEADS IS NOW AVAILABLE. The Samlex SEC-1223 12V DC switching power supply delivers 23A continuous, 25A intermittent at 13.8 volts. Equipped with advanced switch-mode technology. Reliable power with minimum weight and size. Circuit innovations minimize output voltage ripple. UL listed to both USA & Canadian safety standards. Complies with FCC Part 15. Class B standards It also carries a 3 year limited warranty . We include a set of power leads for safe connection. It is strongly advised that you only use this tested power supply and leads when hooking up the Handiwash (tm) unit to a 110v power outlet.


Model Number SEC-1223
Input Voltage 100-130 or 200-260VAC
Output Voltage 13.8 VDC
Output Current

23 Amps
25 Amps
H' x W' x D'
2.4 x 7.3 x 8.7
Fuse Rating 6.3 A
Shipping Weight Lbs. 3.5


The waste catch and or accessories will be shipped separately and will add additional freight cost. For Alaska and Hawaii or other shipping methods, we will need to adjust shipping rate.

 *Please select the quantity for each item you wish to order and click the 'Add To Cart' button below to purchase, or click 'Add to Quote' to request a custom quote.

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