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Hazardous Waste Containers WEDJ Lab Pack

WEDJ Lab Pack Containers

Hazardous Containers WEDJ Lab Pack - *30%+ Savings on Waste Disposal Costs


All Safety Products, Inc., a veteran-owned small business (VOSB) is proud to distribute this innovative new product, the WEDJ (pronounced WEDGE) hazardous waste container.  This is a testing laboratory similar to what you would find at a pharmaceutical manufacturer. 5 gallon WEDJ Containers are being used as receptacles for the liquid waste generated by LCs.

Each of the 5 LCs in this sample laboratory operate at 1mL/minute for 10 hours per day, 5 days per week. Including regular maintenance, each LC will generate about 4.5 gallons of waste per month.

Established Patent Number is D829543.

WEDJ Containers with 4.5 gallons of liquid waste are considered full. The empty volume allows for expansion and minimizes the risk of spills.
A technician will rapidly swap all full WEDJ Containers with empty ones. This allows LC operators to continue analyzing samples with minimum downtime.  Instead of just fitting a 55 gallon drum with 4 5-Gallon containers for a total of 20 gallons, the innovative pie shaped containers that now fit 9 WEDJ containers with 4.5 gallons into each drum and increase the drum transport capacity to about 40.5 gallons. 

*For cost savings of 30%+ on waste disposal costs showing more storage, less drums needed, etc., please watch the following video:

Not sure if Your Waste Material is Acceptable for use with WEDJ containers for disposal? 
Per the manufacturer, in general, any material that WILL NOT dissolve High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is okay for use with Wedj Containers.  The seven categories below are the usual areas of waste items that HDPE containers are used for:
  • All granular products (dirt, sand, diatomaceous earth, aluminum oxide, powdered detergents, carbonates, etc.)
  • Liquid detergents undiluted and diluted with water.
  • All water based liquids, like diluted acids, bases, and solvents
  • All Oils (motor oil, transmission fluid, etc.)
  • Petroleum Products (Hexane, octane, etc.)
  • Glycols (anti-freeze)
  • All Alcohols (isopropyl alcohol, methanol, ethanol, butanol, etc.)
  • Acetone
Adequate space has been engineered in the container space to allow for an absorbent packing material such as such as vermiculite, which is usually added to the filled drum

The WEDJ Container is not recommended for long-term use with undiluted stronger industrial solvents like DMSO and acetonitrile.  DO NOT use with chlorinated or fluorinated solvents like methylene chloride, trichloroethane (TCA), trichloroethylene (TCE), perchloroethylene (perc), and Freon.  Although this list is pretty thorough, if you're not sure whether the WEDJ container is okay for your particular use, please send us the information for the waste material you're disposing of and we'll inquire on your behalf and get back to you.

Caps will be secured on full WEDJ Containers, which are then transported to the waste storage area and placed in designated 55 gallon drums with compatible waste.

This process maximizes sample throughput, minimizes waste collection labor, requires only basic PPE, allows for secondary containment, reduces the waste storage footprint, lowers the risk of exposure, and compartmentalizes LC waste management processes, which increases operational efficiency.
In nine months, this lab will have 5 drums that contain 9 full WEDJ Containers. Operations managers can now make more informed decisions when scheduling waste pickups.

There is no other product in the marketplace that provides laboratories with the advantages of the patented WEDJ Container.