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Ladder Stabilizers, Standouts, Safety Straps

Ladder Stabilizers, Standouts, Safety Straps

Ladder stabilizers. standout stabilizers and ladder safety straps are provided by All Safety Products hat will fit in a smaller space (and a smaller budget as well!).  Come check out our aluminum Standout Brackets. Weighing in at only 1.5 lbs. (12.3 ounces per bracket), these sturdy aluminum brackets can be attached to most extension ladders with open rungs having an inside diameter of 1 inch or greater. 

Easy Installation for these ladder stabilizers is a snap!  To attach these standout stabilizers, simply compress the two bracket ends and slip them into the rung openings. They are held securely in place by the tension and the angle of the bracket. To detach them, just compress and pull.

Once installed, our Standout Brackets will protect gutters, windows and siding, spanning 12 inches beyond each side of your ladder, and providing a standoff distance of 12 inches. Our standouts provide exceptional stability for the top of the ladder, while minimizing lateral movement or rocking.

The cushioned rubber foam that covers the elbow provides a smooth, gripping surface that not only offers superior surface protection, but fights against side slippage as well.


Our ladder safety straps help to hold ladders securely against a pole, tree, or other object where side sway and/or kick-out might become a problem.