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All Safety Products Industrial Safety Newsletter for January, 2012

Important Things to Consider In Home Repairs!

A lot of times, we are so focused on keeping our own employees safe that we don't even consider own safety risks when trying to save money on doing our own home repairs. Amateur home handymen often take risks. Such as, before climbing a ladder to fix  the roof or sharpening a knife to cut floor tile, it would be wise to consider whether the risk is justified.

It may cost more to hire a plumber, roofer or contractor to do the job, but in the long run, it could save you money and help avoid physical injury. Unless you are  experienced and physically capable of doing these jobs, you could end up in the  ER.

Here are some workplace health and safety hazards you may not have considered

Here are some health and safety facts you could find surprising:

Colds and the flu

Communicable diseases are the largest health and safety issue in both large and small American businesses.

The Institute for Continuity Management says that colds and flu can knock out large portions of the workforce. The institute, based in New York City, specializes in  business contingency planning.

Retail Store Safety Hazards!

Protecting customers from harm should be a retail store's first priority.

Customers don't get the safety training that employees do, so more attention must be paid to their needs. A number of safety policies can be put in place to ensure that customers are kept safe. For example: * Keep the parking area well lighted and the walkways to the entrance clear and accessible. Customer safety begins before entering the store.

Ready for A Fight? Put on the gloves and get tough about hand safety

When a boxer "puts on the gloves," you know he's ready for a fight, but he's also fighting to keep his hands in good shape. His livelihood depends on keeping his hands safe. So does yours.

Falls From Ladders Are One of The Leading Accidents

Don't take our word for this.  OSHA states this all over their website.  Here's a link to one such statement, OSHA portable ladder safety 


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