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Portable Hand Wash Sinks

Portable Single User Sink on Wheels

Portable hand wash sinks and portable hand wash stations by All Safety Products, Inc., a veteran owned business helps to prevent the spread of bacterial infections.  Financing available.  Portable hand wash sinks and hand wash stations sold by All Safety Products, Inc. increase good hygiene and safety while offering a variety of portable hand wash sinks.

Some popular models All Safety Products, Inc. carry include a single user portable handwash sink (PS02-1000GG), Bravo double bowl hand wash sink (BRA1-1000GG), Applause two station handwash sink (SK3-1000GG), Handstand portable single user sink with wheels for mobility (PSW1-1000GG) and a four station hand wash sink (PS14-1000GG). Hand sanitizers are recommended for secondary use only and do not replace the need to wash hands thoroughly.

We also carry heated hand wash sinks such as our newest Grandstand portable sink with an added water heater (PSW1-2100GG) and our Bravo double bowl hand wash sink (BRA1-2000GG).




Our portable Handiwash hand wash sink is used in catering, farming and agricultural applications as well as public safety agencies such as Fire and Police who have a need for a lightweight hand washing solution with heated water and need a mobile solution.

Adequate portable hand wash sinks or handwash stations in high-risk areas will enhance the safety of workplaces and events. The hand wash sinks should be located in highly visible areas and signs should be posted to inform people of their existence. Public education should also include signs that remind everyone to wash hands before eating, drinking,or preparing food.

Made In USA

Environmentally Friendly

All Safety Products, Inc. recently setup a Portable Restrooms and Portable Sinks Planning Calculator tool that should help you in planning the right number of restrooms and handwash sinks at your next large outdoor event.  Please click on the calculator image to utilize this tool.

All Safety Products Restroom and Sink Calculator

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