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Safety and Savings Tips for April 2012 From All Safety Products, Inc.

Wearing the Correct Safety Eyewear May Just Save Your Eyesight!

It seemed harmless enough. A sheriff's deputy from Birmingham, Ala., was pulling a nail with needle-nose pliers when the nail slipped. In a second, the pliers plunged into his eye, gashing his corne a, tearing most of his iris, and smashing his lens. The deputy's case is typical. He was not wearing protective eyewear. In fact, in a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) survey, nearly three out of five workers  suffering eye injuries were not wearing eye protection. However , 40 percent of injured workers surveyed by Bureau of Labor Statistics were wearing protective eyewear, but may have not been wearing the right kind.

6 keys to safe night driving - Night driving can be challenging and hazardous

Give me good weather, a full moon, and a clear road ahead. If you could order up these conditions, you would be pretty sure of a safe, after-dark trip.

Since that isn't possible, new technology can help. Some of it is available right now, and some will be available soon.

Cadillac was the first car with a Night Vision option, a device that projects an image of heat-emitting objects well before they are visible to the driver. The driver can easily see a deer or a person before the headlights pick them up. The image and the road are projected onto the lower part of the windshield. BMW has a similar option.

Be careful. Traffic deaths are three times greater at night than during the day.

Chainsaws no longer just for the brawny and the pros

The home-improvement industry is taking the once fearsome chain saw and redesigning it for weekenders and women.

New models weigh about 10 pounds, cost a couple hundred dollars, and are easy to start. With a little experience and effort, new users can cut up trees and branches that a storm dropped into their yard or across their driveway.

Before starting, users should invest in safety gear. With the increasing popularity of chainsaws, emergency rooms are seeing a significant increase in chainsaw injuries.

The left leg is one of the most frequently injured spots. Chaps are recommended for protection. Those infused with Kevlar can halt saw blades in less than a second.

Safety gear includes a helmet, goggles, gloves made with cut-retardant material, a heavy shirt, and hard-toed boots with nonskid soles.

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