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PolyJohn PJG3-1001 GAP Compliant Portable Restroom Blue

  • PolyJohn PJG3-1001 Gap Compliant Restroom Blue
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Veteran owned small business Made in USA
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PolyJohn PJG3-1001 GAP Compliant Portable Restroom Blue, Made in U.S.A, (PJN3) - 3 Year Warranty*

PolyJohn Gap Compliant Portable Restroom for sale, PJG3-1001, Blue by All Safety Products, a veteran owned business, features a 3 year warranty, door mounted mirror and handle standard, advanced waste tank design, non-splash urinal, etc. This PJN3 GAP compliant portable restroom for sale works well for agricultural and campsite use, construction sites, etc. where you need to set up sanitation services. Use Add to Quote Tool.  Financing is available. Made in U.S.A.

Federal Government, Schools, Universities, Non-Profit Agencies, Hospitals, City, County, State Agencies, Agricultural Industry and Resellers are provided special discount rates.  Use our handy "Add to Quote" Tool to get best pricing.

*Trailer Option Available
(See accessories to add trailer)

The GAP Compliant Portable Restroom Package includes:

  • PJN3TM Restroom
  • Exterior Sink
  • Towel Dispenser
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Urinal
  • Waste Option For a recirculating tank or Dump Valve
Notes and Details for Waste Options:
  • Dump Valve: Tank is equipped with a dump valve in the bottom for disposal of waste into RV waste site, storage tank or other suitable receptacle.  Includes bayonette valve, hose and fittings.  It also comes with a 10 foot hose to aid in dumping waste.  At the present time, the dump valve installed option is only shipped from Indiana plant warehouse.
  • Recirculating Tank: Tank is equipped with water conserving recirculating flush system that allows liquid waste to be used in the flushing process. With that we recommend using a proper blue deodorizing product that masks the waste while keeping the air fresh in the restroom.  These products come in packets and tablets, are safe for septic and sanitary sewer systems, and are available from All Safety Products.  See product links below or call us at number at top of website.

If you live in a region where agriculture is an economic driver, you have a need for portable restrooms, portable sinks, and portable hand sanitizers.  This GAP Compliant Portable Restroom (PJG3-1006) is sure to fill an important sanitation need.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires that a collection of principles known as "Good Agricultural Practices" (GAP) be implemented on all farms to ensure that food is safe and healthy.

NEED A SOLAR LIGHT FOR YOUR RESTROOM? For ONLY $79.00, you can purchase a Solar Pod Light.  It's easy to install.   Click on the Solar Pod Light Link here to read the details.  There is a limited 1 year Manufacturer's warranty available. To install the solar light yourself, you will need to use a 3-5/8" or 92mm diameter hole saw.  Harbor Freight, Home Depot and other hardware stores usually carry this product. It normally only  takes 10 to 15 minutes to install the solar light.

Made In U.S.A. 

According to the official "Good Agricultural Practices & Good Handling Practices Audit" used by the USDA to check farms, it is necessary that...

  • Employees are required to wash their hands before beginning or returning to work.
  • Readily understandable signs are posted to instruct employees to wash their hands before beginning or returning to work.
  • All toilet/restroom/field sanitation facilities are clean. They are properly supplied with single use towels, toilet paper, and hand soap or antibacterial soap and potable water for hand washing.
  • All toilet/restroom/field sanitation facilities are serviced and cleaned on a scheduled basis.

All Safety Products' GAP Compliant Portable Restroom Package is fully-equipped and ready-to-go!



Exterior Height

91 in

231 cm

Interior Height

82 in

208 cm

Exterior Width

43.5 in

110 cm

Interior Width

41 in

104 cm

Exterior Length

47 in

119 cm

Interior Length

41 in

104 cm

Holding Tank

60 gal

227 L

Seat Height

19 in

48 cm

Weight - plastic skid base

165 lbs

74.25 kg

Weight - wood base skid

189 lbs

85 kg

Side Panel Decal Area

12 in x 23 in

30 cm x 58 cm

Door Decal Area

16 in x 21 in

40 cm x 53 cm

OTHER COLORS AVAILABLE:  Although Tan is the default color, we do offer other colors. 

Other Custom Colors Available

**SHIPPING NOTE: Freight costs do not calculate automatically for this item. We will call or e-mail you with estimated freight charges for your review and approval before completing order.  Due to production and shipping issues, products are only shipping from Indiana.

Notes for Trailer Licensing and Registration:
(1) Although our trailers are designed for normal on-road and off-road use, you will need to check with your official State's vehicle licensing agency for proper trailer licensing and registration information.  
(2) All Safety Products will mail you (U.S.P.S. priority mail) a manufacturer's certificate of origin with serial number within 10 days of purchase.  It is the customer's responsibility to check with their official State's vehicle licensing agency and to bring the provided manufacturer's certificate of origin as proof of title within the agency's required registration time frame. 
(3) For some helpful advice and information, the following website (not an official website) is helpful in understanding how to navigate various States' vehicle licensing requirements.  

Disclaimer:  We recommend that you check with your official state vehicle licensing agency before purchasing a trailer from All Safety Products, Inc. to ensure your intended use meets your official State's trailer licensing and registration requirements.   If a trailer is returned due to a State restriction on use, All Safety Products may require a handling fee and shipping costs for return.  As explained, our trailers are designed to be used for normal on-road and off-road use.  

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*This three (3) year limited warranty for the PJG3 Gap Compliant Restroom provided by the manufacturer warrants the major plastic parts of its portable restrooms (plastic front, wall panels, roof, and tank) against any breakage or other problems that prevent the portable toilet from functioning in accordance with usual practices used in the portable toilet industry and in their intended manner. This warranty covers any damages in material or workmanship for a total period of 3 years (36 months).  Please click here for the 3 Year Limited Product Warranty web link for any additional warranty details / claim submittal requirements for the PolyJohn Restooms that All Safety Products sells.