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Restrooms and Sinks Event Planning Calculator

All Safety Products has provided a helpful portable restrooms and portable handwash sinks event planning calculator for the number of portable hand wash sinks, portable restrooms and toilets needed to help you in planning for your workplace, employee and business outdoor events, barbeques, festivals and other outdoor activities.

Table for Number of Portable Handwash Sinks and Portable Toilets

*Portable Hand Wash Sinks Note:  Although the above figures are approximate figures, you can also calculate the number of sinks needed by considering the amount of "user cycles" that portable hand wash sinks of varying volumes can provide.  A "User Cycle" is defined by us as 4 foot pump depressions.  The foot depression dispenses 2 ounces per pump.  So a typical user uses about 4 pumps or 8 oz of water to clean their hands.  So in the case of a PS02 Sink (Single User 16 gallon Hand Wash Sink), 250 people could wash their hands once, providing they each "pumped" 4 times.  Also in the case of heated water requirements, recovery time for heating water needs to be factored in to ensure adequate facilities are available for use.  Also, you will want to consider the number of hours of event and the access available for the number of people attending the event.

Hand Wash Sinks and User Cycles Available
Description Capacity # of User Cycles (People) Description Capacity # of User Cycles (People)
PS02 Single User Sink 16 Gallons 250 PSW1-1000 Single User Sink (Handstand) 16 Gallons 250
PSW1-2000 Single User Sink (Grandstand) 17 Gallons 275 PSW1-2100 Single User Sink (Grandstand - Heated) 17 Gallons 275
BRA1-1000 Two (2) User Sink (Bravo) 22 Gallons 350 BRA1-2000 Two (2) User Sink (Bravo - Heated) 22 Gallons 350
SK1-2000 Two (2) User Sink (Applause) 30 Gallon Hard Inner Tank 480 SK1-2000 Two (2) User Sink (Applause) 60 Gallon Bladder Tank 960
PS14-1000 Four (4) User Sink 20 Gallons 320