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Emergency Lighting, Flashlights, etc.

emergency lighting

Protective Cases for All Occasions

Protective cases for computer laptops, gas monitors, air samplers, and various other safety testing equipment are being purchased more frequently to protect expensive safety test gear seeing more use out in the field.  Pelican Products Inc., which bills itself as the world leading manufacturer of plastic injection molded protective cases, offers a large selection of crush proof, transport, dustproof, and even wheeled cases for protective cases.

Pelican Products operates in three distinct markets: (1) Injection molding of protective cases accounts; (2) Flashlights and (3) Advanced Lighting Systems.



Companies used traditional materials, like wood, to protect and move items and now are being replaced with better fitting crushproof, dustproof protective cases designed to protect a range of safety test equipment from laptop computers, gas monitors, air samplers to many other types of specialized safety test equipment.

LED emergency lighting systems are used to light up an emergency area quickly with bright lights and are now starting to replace older systems of a heavier battery-operated apparatus or generator setup.  Cost savings are a key factor as well.

All Safety Products, Inc. sells numerous types of dustproof, crushproof, laptop protective cases  for transport of expensive safety test equipment, along with alkaline batteries, coin cell batteries, industrial heavy duty flashlights, LED flashlights and lighting products that includes manufacturers such as Pelican, Eveready,Duracell, and brands such Versabrite, MityLite, and Stealthlite.