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Industrial Floor Matting, Industrial Floor Mats

industrial floor matting

Industrial Floor Matting is Important to Improve Safety and Worker Productivity

Often overlooked, facilities often treat the necessity of having safe industrial floor matting and where they should be placed as a low priority.  With proper floor mats, serious slips and falls occur that may have been avoided.  Also, with the addition of anti-fatigue floor matting, employers can reduce the amount of health complaints from workers developing problems from standing on hard services for prolonged periods of time. 

Some of the following items to think about when considering floor matting: 1) Slips and Falls – Are you only thinking of floor matting when there is increment weather or only at entry and exit areas?  On the plant floor, the bulk of slip and fall injuries often occur within the plant production areas; 2) Ergonomics. Without proper floor matting, oftentimes standing for long periods of time can cause a number of health-related issues, such as lower extremity discomfort, leg and foot pain, low back pain and overall fatigue, all of which can harm worker productivity. If the problems intensify, as they often do, this can result in absenteeism and costly workers' compensation claims. Anti-fatigue floor matting systems can help reduce stress on the body, alleviating many of these physical problems. 3) Proper selection of floor mats – Do the floor mats address such things such as chemical resistance to grease, acetate, lacquer thinner, mineral spirits, etc?  Sometimes a floor mat that may be grease resistant or is of rubber construction may not be resistant to certain chemicals.  Oftentimes an outoor entrance floor mat or a wet/dry area floor mat may not be suitable in another area of the plant.  It is important to review your environment.


All Safety Products, Inc.  sells a variety of industrial floor mats and floor matting that include manufacturers and brands such as Superior Manufacturing, Dyna Shield, Sof-Tred, NoTrax with features such as cushion-lok, grip-step, black diamond pattern, anti-fatigue, no spill, grease resistant, anti-static, non-conductive and location specific mats such as outdoor entrance mats and assemblers mats.