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Safety Instrumentation, Gas Monitors & Sensors

Safety Instrumentation, Gas Monitors, Gas Sensors

Quality, Accurate Testing Equipment (Gas Monitors, Air Samplers, Air Testers) is Vital for Confined Spaces

It is vital to have accurate and quality gas monitoring and air testing and air sampling equipment for working in confined spaces.  A dangerous aspect of underground construction is working in closely confined spaces such as manholes, underground vaults, sewer pipes, tunnels and pipes, other enclosed areas and open excavations more than four feet deep. Most states follow OSHA standards, but some may have additional requirements making in necessary to check with authorities in the state where a project is located.

OSHA standard 1926.21 (b)(6)(ii) defines confined or enclosed space as any space having a limited means of egress, which is subject to the accumulation of toxic or flammable contaminants or has an oxygen deficient atmosphere.  Confined or enclosed spaces include, but are not limited to, storage tanks, process vessels, bins, boilers, ventilation or exhaust ducts, sewers, underground utility vaults, tunnels, pipelines, and open top spaces more than four-feet deep such as pits, tubs, vaults and vessels.

Air monitoring typically is done with a four gas monitor, which monitors for oxygen content, flammable gases (LEL--lower explosive limits) and toxic gases, which typically are hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide.  Ventilation equipment usually consists of a fan/blower, duct work and possibly a saddle vent. The major component is the fan or blower, and can be a small unit moving air 800 to 1,500 cubic feet per minute (cfm), to larger units which can move 10,000 or more cfm.  Failure to monitor the atmosphere and properly ventilate the confined space invites disaster.

All Safety Products, Inc. provides confined space kits and quality testing equipment* to include economy multi gas detectors, single gas monitors, gas monitors, calibration cylinders, safety gas detectors, gas protection monitors, air samplers and air testers, M40 Multi-Gas Monitor, MX6 multi-gas monitor and other models such as the T40 Rattler from manufacturers such as Industrial Scientific and MSA.

*To ensure you are meeting OSHA requirements and other applicable safety standards and practices, it is best to hire a professional safety consultant ( or call your local OSHA area office or your state OSHA Consultation Services for their interpretation of your situation.