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All Safety Products Industrial Safety Newsletter for Sep to Oct 2011

Packaging and pricing by Manufacturers is getting frustrating with less good value.
Ice cream packaging is frustrating isn't it?  There aren't too many brands of ice-cream that are actually a half-gallon in size (2 quarts) anymore.  Now they are only 1.50 or 1.75 quarts in size and yet companies still maintain the same pricing as the previous half-gallon size.

We're doing our best to help you ensure you get good value for your money spent. Our occasional industrial safety newsletter will be focused towards helping you to reduce your safety products costs. A key goal with most purchasers is to reduce  costs while ensuring excellent quality and value.  We have recently launched our new website, that provides features our customers have requested of us such as easier website navigation, better pricing, a state-of-the-art quote system for prompt responses and an express ordering system for prompt reorders.

Check out the expiration dates on your first aid items!

Refillable First Aid kit

Mobile Utility First Aid Cabinet

Many times, a first aid kit will contain expired first aid items that may not be  used and replenished on a regular basis.  This may include burn creams, eye wash bottles, medicinals, and many other first aid kit items.  Check out our first aid kits and refill items.  You may be able to purchase just the items you need without having to invest in a new first aid kit.  Protect your investment!  Here's the link, First Aid Kits and Refill Items to follow.

Saving On Eyewash Station Water Preservative Refills

Here's another cost saving tip. A lot of times, people purchase brand name water
 preservative at a higher cost than they need to.  Most of the time the brand name
manufacturers use the same preservative contents that is repackaged with a different
product label.  Click on the following underlined link: Eyewash Preservative (4
to a case)

Lower Mil (4 mil) Glove May Save Significant Glove Costs!
Of course, the first question to ask is what mil thickness does our company need
 in a nitrile or latex grade glove? E-mail us to find out more information and request
a free glove sample from us to see if this might save you some costs. Our Email
address: .

About All Safety Products
We are all about trying to save you money when we are able to.  It is our shipping
policy to only charge you the actual shipping costs.  Sometimes there is a shipping
error on our website.  We do review all orders for accuracy and pleasantly surprise
our customers when we notify them of an adjustment in their favor. We make money
 on products, not shipping!

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