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First Aid Kits, Cabinets and Medicinals

First Aid Kits

No single first aid kit or first aid cabinet fits every workplace.

Unforeseen accidents are a reality in the workplace and first aid kits, first aid cabinets, medicinals and bandages need to be purchased proactively to ensure that necessary first aid kits or first aid cabinets are stocked and on hand when an accident or emergency does occur. By carefully assessing the specific needs of the workplace, employers can ensure that reasonably anticipated first aid supplies are available even when the workplace has unique safety problems and requirements.  Every environment should be assessed properly to ensure the right first aid supply items are available.  No single first aid kit or first aid cabinet fits every workplace.

All Safety Products carries many first aid kits, first aid cabinets, and medicinals that meet the minimum fill requirements and are ANSI-compliant.

First Aid Cabinets

First aid cabinets are made of a variety of materials from durable metal to waterproof and water-resistant depending on your workplace environment and the type of first aid supply items you need

The advantages of having a first aid cabinet is that it is more economical to refill it with just the refill first aid supplies you need.  This does require careful planning and a good inventory checklist of first aid supply items to refill your first aid cabinet when it needs it.  It's always good to have more than the minimum refill items so that you don't come under OSHA scrutiny and possibly face a fine.  All Safety Products, Inc. provided a quick summary here of the new minimum and recommended first aid supplies.  Visit this underlined link to get an idea for some of the first aid items you should have stocked in your first aid cabinet.

The information on All Safety Products First Aid resource page details information that can further assist you in selecting the correct safety first aid kit products and first aid supplies to ensure OSHA and ANSI compliance.

Contact All Safety Products today to stock up on the emergency medical supplies you might need. Be prepared with a variety of first aid kits and supplies from All Safety Products.

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