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Portable, Plumbed and Bottled Eyewash

portable gravity fed eyewash stations

Lack of a Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash Station May Incur An OSHA Citation!

Usually the top OSHA citation occurs because there is the lack of a proper portable gravity fed eyewash station or mounted eyewash station. Usually these can be purchased fairly inexpensively. At All Safety Products, we provide a wide assortment of emergency eyewash stations to include gravity fed eyewash stations, portable eyewash sinks, plumbed eyewash stations, emergency drench showers, combination drench shower / eyewash sinks, hand held eyewash sprayer, faucet mount eyewash adapters with diverters, bottle type eyewash stations, freeze resistant, corrosion resistant and eyewash drench showers with thermostatic mixing valves.

The Main Use of a Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash Station
One of the most obvious appeals of a gravity fed portable eyewash station is that there is no need for any dedicated plumbing. The unit is simply attached to the wall with an included bracket, filled with water and gravity takes care of creating the necessary water pressure. The water needs to be changed approximately every 90 days with an algaecide fungicide additive or replaced if the level gets too low after repeated use.  Inspection requirements may necessitate a change out more often.

Included with our portable gravity fed eyewash station kit is a water preservative, which makes sure that the unused water in the container remains fresh.

Other Types of Eyewash Configurations Are Available Through All Safety Products, Inc.

All Safety Products, Inc. provides a full range of eyewash station products* to include portable gravity fed eyewash stations, mounted eyewash stations, plumbed eyewash stations,emergency drench showers, combination drench shower / eyewash sinks, hand held eyewash sprayers, faucet mount eyewash with diverter, bottle type eyewash stations, and even thermostatic mixing valves.  Manufacturers include Bradley, Speakman, Fend-all, Haws, and North Safety.

*To ensure you are meeting OSHA requirements and other applicable safety standards and practices, it is best to hire a professional safety consultant ( or call your local OSHA area office or your state OSHA Consultation Services for their interpretation of your situation.