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Collapsible Portable Restroom Easy Folding, Stackable (P-Pod)

  • P-Pod Collapsible Portable Restroom
  • P-Pod Collapsible Portable Restroom (Back)
    P-Pod Collapsible Portable Restroom (Back)
  • P-Pod Collapsible Portable Restroom Stacks for Space Limitations
    P-Pod Collapsible Portable Restroom Stacks for Space Limitations

Collapsible Portable Restroom Easy Folding, Stackable, P-Pod (ASP-P-Pod, Mfgr # P-Pod)

The World's First Stack, Pack and Go Collapsible Portable Restroom for sale (as far as we know), P-Pod, is easy folding, stackable, mobile and collapsible.  Just pop up, push pins in and poof it's ready for use! 

Collapsible Portable Restrooms for sale, easy folding and stackable (P-Pod), sold by Authorized Distributor All Safety Products, Inc., manufactured by Advantage Engineering, are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) materials.  These collapsible portable restrooms are built to last!

This P-Pod collapsible portable restroom, easy folding and stackable, meets most emergency efforts and disaster service needs quickly since it can be transported easily in a pickup truck (with a long bed, you can transport at least two (2) units!).  With the easy removal of the waste storage tank from the rear, you can easily substitute another spare tank quickly.  

P-Pod Waste Storage Tank Removes Easily for Disposal

Perfect for: (1) Moblizing quickly for emergency efforts and needs, disaster relief, disaster services and rescue efforts by government agencies such as FEMA, etc., (2) Construction Companies and local county and state agencies such as CalTrans, MTA, etc., (3) CIty Agencies and Public Organizations who need to quickly deploy portable restrooms for public use and provide sanitation promptly and (4) Military Applications since these are easy to transport, stack and deploy due to its convenient size when collapsed / folded (45.5"w x 47.5" d x 38.5"h).

P-Pod is stackable.  Great for Military and Space Limitations

They are easy to put up, take down and transport to just about any place where you might need portable restroom access.  Just minutes to put up each unit.  The P-Pod's unique stackable and collapsible design allows you to stack or transport multiple units.  The P-Pod Collapsible Portable Restroom saves a bundle of expenses and costs in transportation costs alone.   Great for Military and space limitations.


Lots of features for the P-Pod Collapsible Portable Restroom, Easy Folding and Stackable: 

  • Wide door openings
  • Spring assisted door hinge for easy opening and closing
  • Standard portable restroom footprint
  • Four (4) convenient anchor points for securing P-Pod Collapsible Portable Restroom
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Customizable and easy to service.

  • Available interchangeable waste vessel (p-pod tank) accessible and removable through back

Industry Changing Collapsible and Easy Folding Design

  • Nesting base allows you to store and stack 3 units in the same space as 1 conventional portable restroom.

  • If your truck or trailer currently holds 10 conventional units, it can hold as many as 30 P-Pods.

  • Fits in standard box trucks and toilet trailers.

Stackable Design Allows For More Secure Indoor Storage.

  • Clean environment free of rodents, insects, dust and dirt.

  • Reduced exposure to the elements dramatically increases lifespan of units

  • Safe from vandalism

  • A 40’x100’x16’ structure can hold up to 600 units.

    • ​P-Pod Open and Collapsed Front View Dimensions
        Open Front View Collapsed Front View
      Dimensions 45.5"w x 47.5"d x 82.5"h
      (115.57cm x 120.65cm x 209.55cm)
      45.5"w x 47.5"d x 38.5"h
      (115.57cm x 120.65cm x 97.79cm)
    P-Pod Stack Height, Weight and Tank Volume Specifications
    Max Stack Height
    (max. 3 stacked P-Pods)  
    45.5"w x 47.5"d x 107"h
    (115.57cm x 120.65cm x
    Weight: 180 lbs (81.6kg)
    Tank 40 gallons (151.4 liters)