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S.C.B.A. (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus)

S.C.B.A. Equipment (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus)

All Safety Products distributes a full range of OSHA compliant air purifying supplied air respirators and facemasks for removing contaminants from ambient air.

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) equipment is designed to let users transport their own supply of air and provide the protection needed in Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) situations. All Safety Products carries many styles of SCBA equipment with many options to help with comfort and efficiency:

  • Headgear options vary and include ultra-light facepieces, special styles for hard-to-fit facial configurations, special fitting for wearers of street glasses
  • Low Pressure and High Pressure options
  • Specially designed for HazMat, confined space, IDLH, fire fighting, agricultural, wastewater, HVAC
  • Alarm choices: belt, plain whistle, warbling whistle and more
  • Other options: NFPA-compliant rappelling system for firefighters, integrated air,
  • Choose mask types - tight fitting half masks, tight-fitting full facepieces, hoods, loose-fitting facepieces or helmets

Additional Personal Respiratory Equipment:

Be aware of imitations or no name brands. Make sure all personal respiratory equipment fits well on your face and is OSHA and/or NIOSH compliant.
All Safety Products Respiratory Protection resource section can assist you in selecting the correct safety Respirator equipment to ensure safety and compliancy.



Request a quote from our customer service team or contact us for assistance in assembling the configurations to fit your specific needs. All respiratory protection equipment carry a one-year 100% manufacturer’s warranty for any manufacturer defects in the workmanship of the products.