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Outdoor Safety

outdoor safety

Keep Your Employees Safe Outdoors from Those Pesky Insects

It’s summer time and your company decides to hold an outdoor event or by trade your employees work outdoors.  Sunburn and pesky insects without the proper outdoor products such as sun screen, skin protectant, anti-itch products, bug repellents, wasp and hornet sprays along with other outdoor protection products can sure spoil an event or even cause a serious allergic reaction for employees sensitive to certain types of insect these pests.  It is good to take note of your environment and bring along the proper outdoor protection.

You will want to keep your employees hydrated by drinking lots of water and particularly with physical events or physical work, keep liquids handy that have electrolyte replenishment as well. All Safety Products, Inc. sells Gatorade and Sqwincher products that offer electrolyte replenishment.



To avoid those pesky mosquitoes, don't fog with chemicals, or burn coils and citronella torches because they are full of chemicals and your food items may become saturated.  Instead, consider purchasing or renting a screen tent to let your guests enjoy your outdoor party without the bugs. Or simply schedule your outdoor gathering when the bugs are not so bad, avoiding the dawn and dusk hours.  If your employees must work outdoors, you may want to consider the products that are available through All Safety Products, Inc.

All Safety Products, Inc. provides a wide range of outdoor products* to include anti-itch products, bug repellents, dog shield, sun screen products with such brand names as NOX A STING wipes, Stoko UV Sunscreen, BugX, Ivy Screen,Misty,Poison Oak/Ivy, Splinter Out, SunX, Ivy Block from manufacturers such as North Safety, Stockhausen, Tec Labs, and Swift First Aid. These are available with different levels of protection and options, such as 30+ SPF, topical analgesic, non-greasy, fragrance free or in a spray form.

*To ensure you are meeting OSHA requirements and other applicable safety standards and practices, it is best to hire a professional safety consultant ( or call your local OSHA area office or your state OSHA Consultation Services for their interpretation of your situation.