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Medical Wraps, Tapes and Scissors

Medical Tapes & Scissors

When is a medical wrap or medical tape used?

Oftentimes, a bandage, adhesive strip, or even gauze by itself doesn't provide the type of support that a medical wrap or even medical tape can provide such as elastic wraps, certain adhesive tapes and ace-type bandages.  There are some obvious things to watch out for when applying bandages, gauze, tapes or medical wraps such as wrapping too tightly that cuts off or impedes circulation.

In any first aid kit or first aid cabinet it is important to carry all of the essentials. Within the Medical Wraps, Tapes and Scissors category you will find elastic wraps and ace-type bandages in a variety of types to choose from. The medical wraps that All Safety Products sell are usually made from flexible elastic type material that allows the first aid provider to tape or wrap body parts that bend, allowing flexibility and oftentimes needed mobility for a freshly dressed wound. Medical wraps and medical tapes are available in many different brands and some even offer waterproof features.

Some Common Types of Medical Wraps and Medical Tapes We Sell



Medical wrap products in this category include Medi Rip bandages with easy to tear features and Ace-Type bandages for support of strains and sprains. All of the medical wraps and first aid supplies in this category are in stock and ready to ship.

All Safety Products carries a large assortment of medical wraps, medical tapes and scissors needed for cutting correct lengths and proper application of these essential safety supplies.

The information on All Safety Products First Aid resource section details information that can further assist you in selecting the correct safety First Aid products to ensure ANSI compliance as well as other applicable codes.

Contact All Safety Products today to locate the emergency eyewash stations that best meet your needs or request a quote for eyewash stations, biohazard spill kits and other emergency medical supplies. These products carry a one-year 100% manufacturer’s warranty for any manufacturer defects in the workmanship of the products.