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Protective Eyewear

protective eyewear

What Type of Protective Eyewear Do I Need at Work.

Your company's safety officer should determine which level of protection (basic impact or high impact) is needed for your job duties. If your company is not large enough to have a safety officer, you may want to consult with a certified industrial safety hygienist.  You can locate a consultant by visiting the American Industrial Hygienists Association website, and visit their member directory.

A few occupations requiring high impact protection in eyewear include: 1) Carpenters; 2) Plumbers and pipe fitters; 3) Machinists; 4) Millwrights; and 5) Laborers. Some activities may require side shields, goggles or full face protection. Employers and safety officers should consult OSHA to help determine which type of safety eyewear is most appropriate for different job positions. To learn more, visit the eye and face protection section of OSHA's website.

If you work as an independent contractor, it's best to choose safety eyewear that has been rated at the high impact standard for all activities, just to be extra safe. Now safety eyewear have been designed with women in mind as well, so be sure to find the type that fits well for you.

Pitching in After a Disaster? Protect Your Eyes From Toxins

Environmental clean-up — whether after natural disasters like a tornado or hurricane or man-made ones like the 2010 BP crude oil contamination of the Gulf of Mexico — poses multiple risks of eye infection and eye injury. Close-fitting safety glasses or other protective eyewear can limit your eyes' exposure to airborne toxins and contaminants, including gasoline, oil, and household and industrial chemicals.

All Safety Products, Inc. sells numerous types of eye wear* that includes manufacturers such as AOSafety, Dalloz Safety, Bouton, Radnor, Crews, Orange County Choppers, Uvex and brands such as Privo, Refine,  Lexa, BX, Fuel Light Vision LED readers, Harley Davidson, Metaliks, Nitrous, Nuvo and safety features or options such as photochromic, sport, readers glasses.

*To ensure you are meeting OSHA requirements and other applicable safety standards and practices, it is best to hire a professional safety consultant ( or call your local OSHA area office or your state OSHA Consultation Services for their interpretation of your situation.

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