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Refillable First Aid Cabinets

Radnor Mobility Utility Kit

Because accidents are a reality in the workplace, First Aid products need to be purchased proactively to be on hand when an accident or emergency does occur. By assessing the specific needs of the workplace, employers can ensure that reasonably anticipated supplies are available even when the workplace has unique safety problems and requirements.

All Safety Products carries many first aid kits that meet the minimum fill requirements and are ANSI-compliant.

First Aid Kit Options:

  • 10-person to 100-person kits
  • Industrial
  • Mobile
  • Outdoor
  • Unitized
  • Construction
  • Trucker’s First Aid Kits
  • Smaller size kits with a little bit of everything

Safety Storage Cabinets:

First aid cabinets are made of a variety of materials from durable metal to waterproof and water-resistant depending on your workplace environment.

Safety storage equipment has requirements for proper storage of corrosives: choose steel for corrosives, nonmetallic for maximum corrosion protection with no internal corrodible metal parts and polyethylene for superior corrosion protection with one-piece construction to eliminate leaks.



Safety storage cabinets come in a range of sizes from 4 gallon to and from 1 shelf to several shelves. The cabinet doors can be manual close, self-closing and sliding self-closing. There are specialty cabinets for storing a variety of contents: Flammables, Acids, Corrosives, Documents and more.

The information on All Safety Products First Aid resource page details information that can further assist you in selecting the correct safety First Aid products to ensure OSHA and ANSI compliance.

Contact All Safety Products today to stock up on the emergency medical supplies you might need. Be prepared with a variety of first aid kits and supplies from All Safety Products.

Request a quote from our customer service team for emergency medical kits and other Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).  All eyewash stations, biohazard spill kits and emergency medical kits carry a one-year 100% manufacturer’s warranty for any manufacturer defects in the workmanship of the products.